Our team consists of young and dedicated people who are all active in outdoor sports. We use this knowledge and the experience  to perfect our apps.


The men with the idea, the vision and the decidedness to implement it. The Kneissl brothers founded MapCase in August 2011, they built it up and developed it with the blood of their hearts.

Bastian Kneissl

CEO & Founder / The Explorer

No ocean, no dessert and no mountain can stop his founder-instinct. With endless passion, creativity, love for sports, inventive genius and always ahead of the innovation-life-cycle, the chief visionary guides the MapCase-Team precise through the Start-Up-World. on the slopes, trails and waves you'll see the technical business studied go by like a lightning on his way to the next challenge.

Dominik Kneissl

COO & Co-Founder / The Mover

Not even the gravity can hold the founder bach on his treasure hunt for new markets. He is tireless on his journey to the locations of the earth to inspire the people with his marketing-team. He is charged of water, snow and earth, so that everyone will follow him and nobody will ever pass up his offers. The ace of marketing is already planning his next coup and he's always surprising with his eerie gift to make people and ideas reach maturity.


Every idea needs people who implement it into a product. Our dev-team masters this with bravery and they arrange for apps which functionate, have a great design and are easy to operate.

Andreas Leicher

CTO / Mastermind

Our mastermind will crack all codes, that's the reason why the DevOps-specialist leads the development of our apps, makes all the things which have to do with the API and in addition to this, he is leader at the ostfalia school for internet application development. You can see him at the Rhein-MAin-Meetups of the developer-scene or otherwise on his mountainbike at downhill and on the snowboard.

Marcel Flick

ios / The Joker

The joker plays since 27 years to win. Camouflaged with a cap as iOS-developer, he already booked some wins: studies in media informatics at UCB and bachelor of science. But he's also winning in sports: against the mountains on his snowboard and the mountainbike, and when he's playing tabletop soccer the ball always rolls away from his door. So it is sure: when you have him in your team, you've better cards.

Johannes Kempf

User experience design / Game-Changer

He is the captain of the design-squad. From scribbles with pen and paper through prototypes and finally the visual design, he is searching for a simple and beautiful solution all the day. He also acts with Bastian in the cooperative story for high engagement with Gamification. He is the one who fights for the users advantages and feelings. Otherwise he looks forward for new quests and has a lot of tools in his inventory to solve mysteries.

Sandeep Sadanandan

Backend / Space Invader

No matter how much work comes up to him, he performs every duty, eliminates every problem, and programs everything with a smile on his face. Our System Architect, who supports the backend of the apps, likes to immerse in other, faraway galaxies and loves to have a vulcan mind. BUt he comes very close to it, as he speaks five languages and finds fun in mathematics and logic.

Moritz Moldenhauer

Android / The Mountainking

He doesn't only rule the mountains with his mountainbike, but also the development in android, therefore he combines the extzremes of sports and IT in one person. He conquered not only the mountain "IT-education" but also the peak "computer science studies" with success. He conquered his throne at MapCase because he believes in the product and the team and he wants to add to the story of success.

Isabell Meister

Illustration / Pictionary

In the young age of 22 years, the skilled graphic designer and student in media design, holds up the rate of women in the development-team and she brings some colour in it, because of her painted nails. If she's not occupied with vector graphics or badgets, she swings with the wooden spoon in her hand or she relaxes with a good book.


When the product is ready, it has to be brought to the man or the woman. That’s the job of our business team which takes care of our users and our partners and which pulls the strings in the background.

Christoph Schapes

Projectmanagement / Multiplayer

After immolating online-battles for the local matches in BMW at the FH Mainz, is the buildup-strategy game MapCase in progress since 2012. The focus is on Project- and Accountmanagement because of the rising number of players and team skills are still used with colleagues and clients in planning and conversion of projects.

Xaver Wegmann

Sales & Marketing / The Achiever

Certificated master in VWl - done. Connect outdoor passion with the job - done. Help customers with location-based marketing and gamification to get to success - evolving process. Living sportive passion in skiing and playing football - evolving process. Celebrate the German Championship with Eintracht Frankfurt - planed.

Katharina Schilling

accountmanagement / Activity

She can do more than just explaining, painting and pantomime: Travelling, snowboarding, skating, jogging, hiking and tennis are her compensation for the nine-to-five job in the account management and user support. When she's not doing any outdoor activities or helping her parents in farming, she uses her communicative competence for gaming evening with board- and card games.

Sarah Krämer

Buchhaltung / The Organizer

You want to organize something? Go to her. The 24 years young organising ability cares about the book-keeping at MapCase and establishes order in the structured chaos. Besides she easily manages her BWL master studies focused on New Media Marketing. In skiing she lives out herself and demonstrates that she's also good in improvising.

Auch im 29. Level wird noch fleißig gesprungen und Bonuspunkte gesammelt. Der Zwischengegner Magisterstudium Sportwissenschaften in der TU-Darmstadt-Area wurde erfolgreich besiegt. Gegner werden mit selbstgebackenen Torten beworfen und mit Krav Maga in die Knie gezwungen. Aktuell im Bonuslevel Praktikum Marketing & Vertrieb in der MapCase-Arena.



Christian Weber