Privacy Policy

We are glad that you chose our MapCase Services. We - the team of MapCase - are crazy about sports and we want to motivate you to go out and do more sports.  

Collecting as less data as possible, we want to offer to you a social platform where you can make your sportive experiences more intensive and share them with other users -  that was our goal in developing the MapCase Services. We kept the primary data entry as low as possible.

We abide by Data Protection Act of the Federal Republic of Germany (in particular the Federal Data Protection Act and the Interstate Treaty on Broadcasting and Telemedia) and the Data Privacy Statement of the European Union.

In general the following fundamentals are valid:

  • We do not sell any personal data
  • The ultimate principle of data-economy is valid
  • We will never give your personal data to third parties for marketing or spot announcements without your permission
  • We will not send spam-mails to you
  • We save your personal data on servers in Germany and/or the EU
  • § 1 Inventory data for using MapCase Services

    (1) Registration

    To use MapCase Services, we request you to provide the following when you register.

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Personal email address
  • A password (at least 5 characters), freely chosen
  • Country of origin
  • Declaration by the user, whether they want to receive information specific to their personal preferences (e.g. a newsletter) in the future
  • (a) As an alternative to the the above, a login by facebook is possible, if you have a facebook-profile.

    (b) It is also possible to try out the apps by MapCase without registration and without entering personal details.

    (c) Please be careful to choose a safe password. Your mailing address and your password will never be visible for other users of MapCase.

    (d) We use your email address to send you notifications of won prizes.

    (2) Tracking

    The following data can be displayed and saved on the MapCase server after synchronisation while you are using the tracking feature.


  • Altitude difference / vertical meters ascended
  • Altitude difference / vertical meters descended
  • Altitude difference / vertical meters total
  • Top speed
  • Average speed
  • Resorts visited
  • Number of tracked days
  • Number of tracked hours
  • (3) Collecting badges

    You collect badges every time you are tracking. The following data can be displayed and saved.

  • Number of badges
  • Points
  • Location of the won badges
  • Time of day
  • Date
  • Generalised data for statistics
  • Number of badges without any coupon
  • Number of badges with a coupon
  • Viewed badges without any coupon
  • Viewed badges with a coupon
  • Facebook Shares of badges
  • Twitter Shares of badges
  • (4) Quests (scavenger hunts)

    While you are tracking, you take part in quests. The following data can be displayed and saved.

  • Number of quests
  • Quest points you visited
  • Generalised data for statistics
  • Number of finished quests
  • Number of tasks per quest
  • Viewed quests without any coupon
  • Viewed badges with a coupon
  • Facebook Shares of quests
  • Twitter Shares of quests
  • (5) Participation in contests

    Optionally, you can take part in our contests. The following data can be displayed and saved.

  • First name
  • Last name (abbreviation to the the first letter)
  • Rider-type
  • Home country
  • Points
  • Ranking
  • Location of participation
  • Generalised data for statistics
  • Points
  • Count of badges
  • Number of participants in the contest (total)
  • Points in the contest (total)
  • Number of kilometers
  • Number of vertical meters ascended
  • Number of vertical meters descended
  • Number of average vertical meters
  • Average speed
  • Number of records
  • Number of users
  • (6) Participation in adventures

    During the tracking you can take part in adventures. The following data will be shown and saved:

  • Number of adventures
  • Amount of points
  • Location in connection with a placed marker
  • Photo in connection with a placed marker
  • Text in connection with setting a placed marker
  • Facebook shares in connection with a placed marker
  • Twitter shares in connection with a placed marker
  • Generalised data for statistics
  • Number of completed adventures
  • Number of missions per adventure
  • Number of missions with coupon
  • (7) Getting and converting coupons

    Once you collect a badge, there may be coupons and presents deposited for you as a reward from our advertising partners. The following data can be displayed and published here.

  • Number of coupons
  • Generalised data for statistics
  • Number of coupons
  • Location of the coupon
  • Number of converted coupons
  • (8) Instant Feedback

    Through the real time feedback feature in our mobile solutions, you can give feedback by means of text, photo or by placing a marker (placing of a geo-location) about lacks, problems or requests. The feedback will be stored on your smartphone and is saved on our servers after synchronizing your data. The data can be forwarded to a third party to improve the service quality. The following data can be saved

  • Submitted comments
  • Photos
  • Markers (geo-locations)
  • Generalised data for statistics
  • Number of texts
  • Location of the marker
  • Amount of photos
  • Number of responses in general
  • (9) Surveys

    After finishing a tracking day you have the possibility to take part in surveys voluntarily. With the participation and the reply to the asked questions you agree, that your answers will be saved, analysed, processed anonymously and aggregated to improve the service quality.

    The following data can be saved

  • Answers
  • Number of answers per participant
  • email address (voluntarily)
  • Location of the survey
  • Time of the reply
  • When entering an email address to the text box to receive a feedback on your participation, you agree that your personalized data of the survey will be forwarded to a third party.

    (10) Recommendation rate

    After finishing a tracking day you have the possibility to rate the recommendation rate of the destination. The recommendation can be rated on a scale from 1 to 10 (1=extremely unlikely, 10=very likely). Moreover, you have the possibility to add comments in a text field. The following data can be saved:

  • Key number of the rating
  • Answer from text fields
  • Generalised data for statistics

  • Number of ratings
  • Location of the rating
  • Time of the rating
  • (11) MAPtoSPORTS user platform

    All your data from our apps (MAPtoSNOW, MAPtoHIKE and MAPtoBIKE), which are also saved in the apps,  are displayed on the user platform The following data can be shown

    Tracking days (including metrics, pins and the visualisation of the track)

  • Participated contests
  • Created or participated battles
  • Moreover, the following actions can be executed

  • Create an account
  • Create a battle and invite friends to a battle
  • Changes of the account (name, email address, origin, password, user type)
  • Download of the GPS track as gpx-file
  • (12) Further statistics

    The following data can be collected for the steady upgrading of our services.

  • Information about the equipment (manufacturer, model, operating system, version, network operator, WiFi, bluetooth, resolution)
  • Information about the app (version, date of installation)
  • Requests from the app
  • Click-paths
  • Interaction data
  • § 2 Newsletter and frequently status-e-mails  

    The user will get common information and/or information specific to his personal interests, only if he has explicitly registered for the newsletter. The user has the possibility to unsubscribe from the newsletter anytime he wants to, by writing a message to or by following the link “Unsubscribe” in every mail.

    § 3 Newsletter and frequently status emails

    We collect and use your data, also personal data, where required, for the proper functioning of MapCase services. Generally, we will not give your data to third parties, except the following circumstances:

  • For other users: the information you publish consciously in your profile, is visible to other users of MapCase services.
  • As aggregated data: we can merge personal datas of similar users, to generate statistics. There is no personal information in this data which can be used to identify you.
  • Associated platforms: MapCase cannot assume responsibility for other apps or networks. If you decide to connect your MapCase services with your Facebook-account, over the Facebook Connect API, or to share contents over the social networks like Facebook, Twitter and/or Google+. Connect your account, or share contents, only when you trust these apps or networks.  
  • Service provider: We use selected service providers, some of them based outside the European market. They provide specialised services which are only available for us to improve our services. These service providers have access on selected information about you, which they need to deliver their service.
  • If it is necessary by the law: If we are legally required, including authorisation by a judge or government or similar.
  • § 4 Delete your account

    You can delete your user profile within the MapCase services anytime you want to. This will lead to the irrecoverable deletion of your user profile, and all the connected data like badges, contest-rankings, photos, videos, text, comments and sharings. You can make the deletion directly inside the MapCase services in “settings” - ”your account” or by email to

    § 5 Support Software Desk

    We use the service “Desk” by Inc. to provide the best possible support. “Desk” saves your mailing address and your request on servers in the USA. This happens when you give feedback to us (for example in the apps of MapCase) or if you send an email to You can find the Data Privacy Statement of “Desk” at

    § 6 Mixpanel analytics

    The MapCase services use the analytic service “Mixpanel”, a service of Mixpanel Inc., a company founded by the law of the federal state Delaware of the United States of America. The Mixpanel-service records the user-activities and the contents of the mobile application. The data of the recording are transferred to “Mixpanel” (and the Mixpanel Inc.), to enable this.  You can find the Data Privacy Statement of Mixpanel at

    § 7 Parse

    Additionally, Parse is applied in the MapCase Services. Parse is a company founded in 2011 located in California, which is specialized in the allocation of backend services for developers for mobile applications. MapCase Services use to save the survey results from the mobile apps in the database storage provided by The results saved are not publicly available, and the access is limited by different roles. The concluded terms of use are conform with

    § 8 Google Analytics

    The web pages of MapCase use Google Analytics, an advertising-analysis-service from  Google Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics uses so called “cookies”, text files which are saved on your computer and which makes it possible, to analyse your using of the web page. The information about your using of the website generated by the cookie is generally transferred and saved on a Google server in the USA. Your IP-address will be shortened by Google within the member states of the European Union or in other contracting states of the agreement of the European Marketing Area, in case of the activation of the IP-anonymization on this website. The complete IP-address will be transferred to a server of Google in the USA and shortened there only in exceptional cases. Google will use this information to analyse your using of the website, to create reports of the website activities, and to provide further services connected with the using of the website and the internet. The IP-address transferred by your browser in the context of Google Analytics will not be connected with other data of Google.

    You can prevent the storage of cookies by changing the settings of your browser-software; but it might reduce your experience of functions of the website. You can also prevent the collection of the data generated by the cookie about  your website usage  (incl. your IP-address) by Google, and the conversion of this data by Google, by downloading and installing the Browser-Plugin available at the following link: You agree with the adaption of the by google collected datas about you in the way and the aim described before, by using this website.

    An opposition against the data collection and data saving is possible at anytime with effect to the future. In the face of the discussion about the using of tools for analytics with complete IP-addresses, we want to point once more to the using of the add-on „_anonymizeIp()“ by the website Google Analytics. That means, that IP-addresses are only processed shortened, to exclude a direct reference to a person.

    § 9 Facebook


    On some pages, we use Facebook plugins, which are controlled by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA. Your browser will establish a direct connection with the servers of Facebook, when you visit a page which already has such a plugin. Unfortunately we do not have an influence on the range of the data, which is collected by Facebook with these plugins. By the integration of these plugins, Facebook gets the information that you called up the same page of our web presence. There is also the possibility, that Facebook gets to know and saves your IP-address, even if you are no member of Facebook. You can block the Facebook-plugins by add-ons for your browser, for example with the “Facebook Blocker” for safari, firefox and chrome.


    The alternative to the classic registration by “new account” is the using of MapCase services via your Facebook connect login-function, which is practiced by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA. Here, you do not have to provide extra data for registration at MapCase services. You just need the mailing address which you use in Facebook and your Facebook password (we and other users of MapCase Services will never see your password, it is inserted directly in your Facebook-form).

    After pushing the “Register with Facebook”-button, you have to agree one-time that MapCase Services has the permission to access your Facebook-profile, to use the Facebook-login.

    Here, we save the following data of your Facebook-profile on our servers:

  • Facebook-name (is shown as first and last name in the MapCase Services)
  • Mailing address (used in Facebook)
  • If you use the MapCase Services via Facebook-login, you can decide whether your activities are posted on your Facebook-profile. This includes the winning of badges and in which region you are (only the name of the region, not your position).

    A Facebook-posting which is developed by collecting a badge includes the following information:

  • Name of the badge (for example “50 km/h Top Speed“)
  • Your first name
  • Name of the region and country (for example “Sölden, Austria”)
  • A Facebook-posting which is developed by finishing a session includes the following information:

  • Name of the region and country (for example “Sölden, Austria”)
  • Your speed
  • Vertical meters you covered
  • Kilometers you covered
  • Number of collected badges
  • You can find the Data Privacy Statement of Facebook at the following link:

    § 9 Information about your data

    The German Data Protection Act gives you the right to have information about your saved datas free of charge. If you have questions about collection, conversion or use of your data, or if you want us to correct, lock or delete your data, please contact our support team at

    § 10 Changing of the Data Privacy Statement

    If a change/update of the Data Privacy Statement is necessary, we will inform you via email in time.


    If you have questions, notifications or concerns about the Data Privacy Statement of MapCase Services, please send an email to  

    Date: 02.02.2016