Sports, play, interaction and rewards

The fun factor of outdoor sports is mutliplied by gamification and playful interaction. Besides, the users benefit from the rewards for their athletic achievements which in turn benefits our partners.

Gamification & Location-based Marketing

Our gamification entry gives the users the motivation to do more sports. We accompany the users to the most beautiful places of the earth. And right here, on location, happens our highly effective platform for interaction. Advertisement in the right time at the right place with the highest efficiency, exactly when the users are emotionally available.


The athlete can find out more about his activities on the slopes, bike path, or hiking trail with our tracking features: Top speed, average speed, covered distance or altitude difference, all these can be documented and analysed.

Action Badges

Here, the user’s performance counts the most. For example, altitude differences, distances, breaks and the time of the day when the users are active in a sportive way. These parameters allow collecting badges and being rewarded with coupons.

Location-based Badges

The playful alternative to guide the users through a region: certain places on the slopes or the trails have to be reached. If the users find one of this places, they are rewarded with a badge and a coupon on top.

Scavenger hunts

A certain number of places have to be found, as  in classical scavenger hunts. If the users find them all, they are rewarded with a nice prize.


The users can compete with friends and other users in contests. Here, the activities and time count as well to collect badges and points.


The coupons behind the badges contain vouchers, gifts and discounts from brands, destinations or local stores. They can define the prizes on their own to reward the users for their athletic efforts.

Maps & Local Stores

The map is an overview of the region, the users can locate himself  and see where they have already been. In addition, the local stores are registered, to show where one can redeem the coupons.

Live Feed & Social Sharing

The Live Feed shows the actual position in the ranking. The users can share their information with others on social networks to boast the athletic performance.

Our products


Boost your experience on the slopes by taking part in contests and scavenger hunts, by documenting your activities, by competing with other users, by winning medals and by rewarding yourself with real prizes.



No matter if you ride a racing bike, mountain bike or grandma's bike, show other bikers in different contests what you can, document your athletic achievements, collect pins and redeem them to get great prizes.



Connect your future hiking tours with a new and playful experience, don't be satisfied with simply collecting mushrooms; collect badges, document your physical efforts und be rewarded  for them.