Document your activities on the slope, collect pins, join scavanger hunts and contetst, win coupons and reedem them on location.

Your gamified winter sports application

You have fun skiing and snowboarding but you want more? Download MAPtoSNOW and maximize your experience on the slopes: Get information about your activities, collect different badges, compete with your friends and other users, win coupons and awards from brands, destinations or local stores and redeem them on location.


The tracker records your activities: Top speed and average speed, covered distances, as well as altitude difference on the slopes and in the lift.


You can earn badges for certain efforts or times, for example for a certain speed or if you're skiing at a particular time of day.


The resort screen in the app contains information of local contests and scavenger hunts in this resort, as well as where to find the local stores to redeem your coupons.

Already available for iOS & Android

MAPtoSNOW is available for iPhone and all other Android smartphones. Get your winter sports app in the App store or at Google Play for free.

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For companies

Be part of the greatest mobile app for  the Alps and benefit from this unique marketing tool. You will receive a direct access to your customers with less effort and maximum result. Assure yourself now!