Jobs at MapCase

You are interested to make a career in our company? Here you have a view over our work areas with the equivalent descriptions. Do you find yourself in a description? Then apply to us.


Ruby on rails

You are interested in practical and professional software development and you want to adavnce your skills continuously? Besides you demand a great deal of your work quality, you like to adopt the ownership for your code, you can work in a team and you discuss your code in a review with others? You are also up to get out of your comfortable zone und choose the strategy and the technology for our apps and our service togehter with us? You are no yes-person, but you're able to show insight and to explain the difference between functional and object-oriented coding to a perosn who has nothing to do with development? Then you are the right person or us and if you can also say, that ylou know about the agile environment, then you should absolutely apply to us.

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Grafikdesign & Illustration

You have a creative and structured mind you are able to put yourself in different circumstances?Besides you have advanced experiences and methods in Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign) and illustrations? You are interested in User Experience Design and you have a feeling for shapes, colors and typography? You find yourself in this description? Than apply now!


Marketing & Sales

You're a student in sports science, BWL, or somethind alike, your interested in sports and you've ideally made first experiences in marketing and sales and you bring a high degree of your's own initiative, individual responsibility and creativity with you? Then you are the right person for us. Your duty is the acquisition of new customers, strategical analysis of the market, planning and execution of marketing campaigns and the assistance of our socila media appearance. Did we awake your interest? Then apply to us.


Account- und Projektmanagement

You are interested in sports, you have fun in the atmosphere of a startup and you have individual responsibility and you are proactive? Besides you're engaged in the contact to clients, you have a good knowledge in german and english and a good knowledge in office-tools? You are able to learn the ropes und ideally you have experiences in Account- and Projectmanagement? Your work implies the active adoption of conceptions, applications and conversion of projects. That's you? Fine, than apply now!


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