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Get a direct connection to the users with less effort  and maximum result. Boost the reach of your campaign and the interaction with your company by using interaction marketing, gamification, location-based marketing and couponing in our effective markting tool. Start your campaign in our apps now!

Interaction marketing.
Common experiences.

The outdoor activity is transferred to mobile devices and is enlarged with games and contests, in which you can interact with the users. You can create shared experiences, enthusiasm, a feeling of bond and belonging and you become more than just a product or a service. Boost your coverage and open up new target segments and networks with minimal effort.

Our core elements


A basic problem of our society is deficient engagement. Lack of  motivation drives people to eat unhealthy, move less, have worse results in their work and to produce handicaps for the whole society in all walks of life. In 2010 the video-game-industry set a trend, which can be a solution for these problems - gamification.

Location-based Marketing

We persuade the users to be more active with our entry of gamification. We accompany the users to the most beautiful places of the world with our products. Our highly effective platform for interaction marketing happens right then and there, on location -- in the right place at the right time with the highest efficiency --, precisely when the users are absolutely emotionally available.


Reach your holiday guests directly during skiing, biking, or hiking, benefit from the direct access and the intensive, sportive interaction with the tourist. Strengthen the loyalty by gamification.



Be with your clients on the slope, bike path, or hiking trail, without having to move yourself leaving your comfort zone. Boost the value and the reach of your branding, increase the customer loyalty with playful interaction and maximize the impact of your campaign.


Local stores

Grab your customers’ attention directly at  the slope, bike path, or hiking trail and guide them into your shop, without making flashy or expensive advertising. Open up and save new clientele by individual and playful projection and couponing.