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We are the leading platform for the dialogue on the slopes, bike paths and hiking trails, for customer acquistion and retention. Interact with your customers in a playful way, reward them for their sportive effort und make the outdoor experience more intensive. Integrate your campaign without any efforts, and obtain exclusive branding areas as well as an unique marketing tool.

Action Badges

Address exactly your audience while they are doing outdoor sports: The sportive efforts and the times (altitude difference, kilometer, breaks) of the users are decisive. Choose your parameter und we will design your badges in your own design. Connect the badges with coupons, to boost your sales and to interact with the users.

Location-Based Badges

Interact with the users straight at location: The users have to reach a defined place. Guide the users from one badge to the next one and practice location-based marketing even when the users are offline. Connect the badges with coupons, boost your sales and reward the users.

Scavenger hunt

Create your own scavenger hunt and guide your customers through their outdoor activity. The mission is to reach a certain number of defined places. You can choose the participants, set the retention period, award prizes, reach out and interact with your clients live – on location as well as online.


Create your own contests based on users’ sportive achievements. You decide who takes part, how long the contests run and what the users win. In doing so, you can reach the holiday guests live, on location and in the internet. Further, you can start a sportive and intensive interaction with the users, all around the year.


Reward the users with gifts, discounts or vouchers for their sportive efforts on the slopes, bike paths or hiking trails. This can boost your sales and the range of your campaign with one of the moste effective instruments of merchandising.

Live feed & social sharing

Integrate the live feed on your homepage or we can design a personal landing page with your live feed: The users receive information about his actual ranking and you can interact with the users, and boost the coverage of your campaign, before and after using the app.

More information

We will handle the user support by social networks, and by mail for you. Do not worry about AppStore management or other administrative taks. More over, we willl organize the integration of your destination with extensive consulting and assistance by our staff.

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